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What’s all the hype with essential oils?

Why oils?  I was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils at an adoption training in 2014.  It was the first time I had ever personally encountered using them for natural health.  To be honest, I thought it was a little too good to be true and I was a complete skeptic!  I totally dismissed the idea.  A few months later though, prompting from a dear friend nudged me to order my premium starter kit.  She was convicted about oils helping her kids wind down in the evenings.  Especially as an adoptive mama with kids from hard places, that sounded pretty intriguing to me!

My kit mostly sat on a shelf in my kitchen for a long time.  Though I had been pursuing chemical-free cleaning since my first baby was born in 2005, essential oils definitely weren’t a way of life for me back then. Oil education wasn’t as readily available at the time, and the learning curve felt too steep and overwhelming to traverse.  I didn’t know how much oils could actually make my life less overwhelming, so I didn’t make the time to understand them.

However, over the next several years, my understanding and love for oils grew exponentially.  They make chemical-free cleaning so much easier, and they offer so many other benefits as well.  My entire family uses oils now, including my husband!  Essential oils have blessed my family’s wellness way beyond my wildest imagination!  Our bodies are healthier, we get sick less (prevention, friends!), we sleep well, we’re calmer, and we’re more focused.

Knowing that I have the tools to care for my family naturally, without harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients, is a complete game-changer.  From treating head stuffiness and muscle tension, to practicing healthy skin care routines, to household cleaning products … we use oils every day for everything.  They are a perfect complement to a holistic wellness lifestyle.  Check out my OILS 101 series to find out how you can use oils, too!

Aren’t oils just a new fad?  Essential oils may seem like a new fad, but the reality is that they’ve been around for thousands of years.  The truth is that essential oils aren’t alternative wellness – they’re traditional wellness with a long history!  The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Europeans, Persians, and Chinese have used essential oils for health, beauty, fragrance, and spiritual practice.  Even Hippocrates used aromatherapy for massage techniques.  There are many references to oils in historical texts, including the Bible.  Though the oils we use today are much more potent thanks to modern distillation processes, ancient civilizations were definitely using rudimentary distilling techniques to extract the essences of plants.  Modern medicine has only been around for the last few hundred years, but essential oils are a time-tested intervention known to produce results.  The use of essential oils truly is a way of life.

The modern makeup, hair care, skin care, and soap products that we use today are laden with chemicals that cause all sorts of nasty side effects.  Not only that, our livers are so overworked constantly trying to detox our bodies from these chemicals that were never meant to be in our bodies in the first place.  With the average woman applying 80 chemicals to her body before breakfast, it’s no wonder we’re so exhausted and have unbalanced hormones!

Why Young Living?  Young Living inspires wellness, purpose, and abundance by distilling nature’s greatest gifts into the purest essential oils.  YL offers over 120 single oils and oil blends, and their oils do not have an expiration date.  In addition, many are safe for ingestion.  With over 20 years of experience, Young Living is the only oil company that does everything in house. They have their own farms and do it all, start to finish.  Also, Young Living oils are beyond organic with their rigorous quality control standards.

Purchasing essential oils in grocery store (even health food stores) or other online stores without knowing the company’s practices can mean the possibility of synthetic ingredients, fillers, or other additives and contaminants.  This can cause allergic or adverse reactions, and will likely not produce the results you’re desiring.  Not all essential oils are created equal, and quality truly matters.  It’s imperative you know where your essential oils come from.  Please visit Seed to Seal for more information on Young Living’s rigorous quality control standards – you’ll see that their products can always be trusted to be pure.  Be assured that when you are using Young Living products, you are getting the best of the best!

Not only do they offer essential oils, Young Living also offers every day items like shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry soap, dish soap, skincare products, mineral makeup, and supplements!  Their products are infused with essential oils and have some of the healthiest ingredients you can possibly find.  On top of that, the products are just good.  We use so many of them in our daily routines.  And as we continue to ditch the old, chemical-based products, we switch over to natural Young Living products.  Young Living is all about supporting our bodily systems without overloading them with chemicals.  The products are designed to offer people a way to prevent disease, not simply treat it.

The Young Living makeup products are unbelievably fantastic and so is their skincare line!  It is worth the investment to know I’m putting such healthy goodness on my skin!  Plus, going toxin-free has helped to clear up my skin significantly and lessen my allergies.

Likewise, their full line of supplements is simply unbeatable.  They have options for everything you could possibly need, including a line for children!  Not only that, all supplements are infused with essential oils, which increases absorption in the body.  With so many supplements on the market, it’s difficult to know which companies provide products with quality ingredients.  Fortunately, I never have to question the integrity of Young Living’s supplements because I know how strict their standards are.

How do I get started?  If you are interested in natural wellness through the use of essential oils, I’d love to help get you started.  You’ll enroll and become a YL wholesale member by ordering a starter kit, which will also include being added to a private Facebook community designed to support holistic wellness and essential oil education.  There, you’ll find out how to use your new kit and you’ll get all the support you need!  I’ll also send you personal emails to help you learn how to use each item in your kit.  You won’t be left alone to figure it out!  Most people begin with the Premium Starter Kit, but there are three other amazing starter kits to consider as well.  CLICK HERE to learn about your options, and then decide which one is best for your needs!

What is Essential Rewards?  Once you’ve enrolled by purchasing your premium starter kit, you’ll qualify for wholesale pricing as a YL member for all products on the website.  There is no monthly minimum purchase or requirement to sell products.  You can purchase as much or as little as you want.  Becoming a YL member simply gives you the opportunity to purchase products at the wholesale prices, which is completely worth the initial starter kit purchase.

However, if you are intending on spending at least $50 per month on Young Living products (trust me, you’ll want to do so when you find out how wonderful the products are!), then the next step is to enroll in the Essential Rewards Subscription Program.  Your once-a-month order of at least $50 is eligible to earn you free products and up to 25% back to spend on more products.

The Essential Rewards program is a perfect way to ditch and switch all of your old products for clean, non-chemical alternatives, one product at a time!  You can earn free products, in addition to earning rewards points to use toward more free products.  There is zero downside to enrolling in Essential Rewards.  You have the opportunity to try out your choice of different products each month and can cancel at any time.  It’s a wonderful compliment to a natural wellness lifestyle.

Watch the short video below for more explanation about Essential Rewards!  And if you are already a YL member but not taking advantage of Essential Rewards, THIS VIDEO walks you through how to sign up!