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About Me

Hi there!  I’m Nicole, and I am a Holistic Health Coach in-training, studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am learning from the world’s top health and wellness experts about more than 100 diverse dietary theories, lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods that are inspiring me to live my best life and empower others to do so as well.  I am learning more about genuine nourishment and holistic wellness, and loving every step of the journey!

My Story

Though I’ve been interested in using toxin-free household and personal care products for a long time, I wasn’t always very good about making time for my own health. Being a wife and mama to four kids gave me the excuse to be too busy. Wellness simply wasn’t a priority, and I had no idea how out of whack my gut was.  My skin was always broken out, I was self-conscious in my clothes, and I was always tired.  My blood pressure was slowly elevating, and I became sensitive to sugar.  With a family history of Type II Diabetes, as well as having Gestational Diabetes myself, this was a problem!  Diabetes is becoming a significant health issue in the U.S., and sadly, about one quarter of those affected aren’t even aware they have it.

I knew my choices were holding me back, so I finally made the decision to find true wellness through wholistic lifestyle changes.  In 2016, I began making small changes, one at a time. It’s been a slow journey, but each step continues to make my body healthier. I still have plenty of transformation ahead of me, but I have changed my relationship with food and am working on more natural living every day.

I am passionate about eating whole foods, using healthy gut-supporting traditional methods of cooking, including sourdough baking with ancient grains, brewing kombucha, enjoying fermented foods (like sauerkraut, kimchi, and yogurt), and using organic, locally-sourced, non-processed products whenever possible. I am also a big advocate of essential oils, using supplements to support wellness, reducing our chemical loads, and investing in self care.  I believe in practicing preventative care and working to create toxin-free homes.  I also try to make it a priority to spend daily time with my Bible and Jesus, and I’m a work-in-progress yoga lover.  I’m mindfully grateful for every single day that God gives me!

My body is thanking me for all the changes, and it shows in my health! My skin doesn’t break out as much now, I am comfortable in my clothes, I sleep better, and I have so much more energy! Plus, I just feel good.  My blood pressure has come down, and my blood sugar is regulated with the proper diet and lifestyle changes.  In fact, my blood sugar doesn’t spike nearly to the degree it used to, even when I do indulge a little bit.  My health certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s significantly transforming as I continue to walk my own personal health journey.  I constantly remind myself that living abundantly is a marathon, not a sprint!

My husband and children have walked alongside me on this journey too, and they’ll tell you that they prefer my einkorn goodies over anything store-bought! They’ve come to embrace natural living also, and we truly enjoy learning together as we make our world a little healthier each day.  Join me in the journey to a more holistic lifestyle, and we can learn together as I study to become a holistic health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!

Together, we can make our families healthier, one small step at a time.

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart since 2003.  Together, we have four amazing children, by birth and adoption.  I spend my days on our 7-acre farm trying to figure out the hobby farm thing.  I also homeschool my precious children, wrangle chickens, and pretend to be a gardener.

I am a board member of The Sparrow Fund, an Empowered to Connect Parent Trainer, and a contributing blogger at No Hands But Ours.  I love to blog, create, give life to old furniture, spend time at the beach or in my gardens, and read on my front porch while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.  My blogging has morphed over the years, but it’s been my creative outlet since 2009, where I share my thoughts and passions in this crazy journey of life.

If any of my journey rings true for you, or you’re simply interested in learning more about a natural lifestyle, holistic wellness, essential oils, or starting a health journey of your own, I’d love to work with you.  Likewise, I’m always up for a conversation about classical homeschooling, connected parenting, attachment, and the general differences of adoption parenting.  Please get in touch with me via the “Inquire” tab above, I truly can’t wait to hear from you!

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