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Einkorn Sourdough Crackers

After converting my white flour sourdough crackers over to an einkorn version, we all agree that we like these even better!  I only needed to make a few changes, so there weren’t very many trials to get them just right.  We absolutely loveView full post »

No Knead Einkorn Sourdough Loaf

Continuing with Operation Replace All The White Flour, I’m sharing my method for our everyday einkorn bread.  This recipe comes from Wardee at GNOWFLINS.  This is the bread that everyone in our family eats and absolutely loves.  EinkornView full post »

Einkorn Sourdough Pizza

I have been baking homemade pizza for years with all-purpose white flour.  For the longest time, I relied on a traditional yeast bread for the crust.  It worked just fine, tasted good, and was healthier than carryout.  But last year, I found a newView full post »

Working with sourdough

I’ve been successfully baking sourdough bread for my family since January of this year after I got my starter going.  There are still a few bread products we buy in the store, like hot dog buns, but I bake almost everything else from scratchView full post »

Sourdough Pizza

We love homemade pizza around here, and we have it for dinner probably about every two weeks.  I try to make sure to have the ingredients on hand for the days I forget to thaw out meat or I’m running short on time.  All the children ask forView full post »

Snow storms are for sourdough baking

I love baking while snow piles up outside.  And it’s even more fun this time with my sourdough starter!  Over the last few months, I’ve actually been able to replace almost all of our bread products with yummy homemade sourdoughView full post »

Sourdough Crackers

I’ve been sourdough baking for about 3 months now.  I love it.  Yes, it does require a little effort.  But we aren’t eating store-bought bread anymore and are slowly switching most of our crunchy snacking over to these babies.  EveryoneView full post »

Mmmmm …

I ordered a new sourdough starter a few weeks back.  I tried maintaining one right before we brought Dumpling home, but I found I couldn’t keep up with it and the children weren’t the biggest fans of the bread that came from it. View full post »